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From our clients
Reiki and Animal Reiki Classes:

"I went to my first session ever on the free night in November 2016, the young lady brought to my attention that she felt an issue with my thyroid. I went to get it checked and found that I had papillary carcinoma. Since then Shmuel had offered me his services once a week, besides the wonderful emotional state it left me in I always felt so full of energy and cared for. I recently was offered the opportunity to be in the advanced class and worked on by 8 practitioners, the wonderful energy and healing I felt was like nothing I've ever experienced before. The Reiki center is truly a wonderful healing center and I wish I could repay all the generosity and love they have given me. If not for them finding this for me who knows how long till I would have found out. I'm feeling better and can't say Thank you enough."
Lots of love, Lynn

“I just wanted to tell you that the class on Saturday was the singularly best class of any subject that I've ever had in my life! The energy flow, the gain of knowledge, the validation all day long, was by far one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had. You are a beautiful soul in so many gifted ways. Thank you for sharing them!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without Linda's attunements. She is a blessing to have created the Reiki Center for me and many others to become more enlightened on our paths.”
Veterinary Professional, Dr. Julie Fine

Reiki Animal Class was a golden experience with interesting instructors and a start of a new journey in my life.  The class was a very positive experience in which I learned a lot that I can share with my horses, dogs and cats.   I highly recommend this class to any animal lover who wants to get closer to their fur child or any animal.”
— Deborah W.

The Reiki 1/Animal Reiki course has been a wonderful experience.  The enthusiasm and compassion from the teacher made it comfortable to ask questions and has made me want to learn more specialties that the Reiki Center has to offer  (i.e. Reiki Ii, tuning forks, energetic guidance, shamanic journey, etc).  It has only been one week and the self Reiki treatments along with the treatments I have offered my animal companions are truly beneficial.” —Elena R.

I had an absolutely wonderful experience this past weekend in the Reiki 1 class. Linda (is a) special individual with experience and wisdom to share. The handout materials were excellent and plentiful. The environment added to the experience--soothing and peaceful. This is a nice addition to the classroom surroundings. Linda is a wonderful educator and presenter. I would most certainly recommend this class.”
— Jennifer R.

The weekend was incredible.... The environment, food, staff, atmosphere were all conducive to trust and learning. Linda is a force of nature!” —Virginia P.

The Practitioners:

Lisa's 'Discovering Your Psychic Self' Class
"I took Lisa's 'Discovering Your Psychic Self Class'. I wanted to take a moment to let you know what I thought of the class. I really enjoyed it and learned so much. Lisa knows her stuff; she did an excellent job of answering questions. She created a friendly, comfortable environment and was very encouraging. The exercises and homework she had us do really helped me develop my intuition. She also provided great material and book suggestions for us to continue studying and developing our skills on our own. It was a wonderful experience and I feel it was money well spent.

Also, I love the Reiki Center! Your center provides invaluable services."
— Erin

A Tune up with Kelly
Whenever I need a "tune up", one of the first things I do is schedule an appointment with Kelly, specifically for a tuning fork session. Kelly's expertise in her field is phenomenal and her great listening and Reiki skills make each session impactful. I always walk away feeling more lighthearted, optimistic, and with a bit of knowledge that I typically didn't expect to learn about myself in the process. It's surprising how elated I can feel after I leave a session and it's quite clear how powerful her skills are - it's never questionable whether her sessions "work" - I always feel a surge of energy and blocks are gone.

For Linda
“I want to thank you for your guidance enabling me to prosper and give back.  I am proud to call myself one of your students!  This experience will allow me to gain the experience I need for my own growth and advancement.” 
—Michael B.

Thank You Melody
"I was hesitant to come for a reading with a total stranger, but Melody quickly embraced me with her energy and I felt that I was receiving wise counsel from a dear friend. Her insights resonated with my spirit and helped me to begin the process of unblocking my energy and my life. Melody is gentle, gifted and kind. Don't hesitate to book with her!"
— Alisa B.

Reiki with Melody
"I recently had my first Reiki session with Melody. The experience was intense, freeing and incredible. She was kind, loving and patient. Our conversations were revealing, healing and comforting. The center itself was warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend the services to anyone on a journey of self-discovery and healing. I have been back for another Reiki session and have scheduled for a CranioSacral Therapy session soon. Thank you." — Marge R.

My first visit and first Reiki session
"Yesterday afternoon, I had my first Reiki session with Melody. Before the session I had scheduled a counseling tarot and rune session with her. So I spent two hours with her. She is one of the kindest folks I have met; very thoughtful and generous with her time. I was so pleased! Melody helped clarify a stressful situation in my life. I was surprised and pleased that what the cards and runes revealed supported what I have been thinking and what friends have been advising me to do. The Reiki session followed and I felt so relaxed and safe. The arthritis in my shoulders and hands has noticeably improved. I received a spiritual visit from an Ascended Master (Jesus) whose words, through Melody, brought great comfort to me. It was an amazing experience and I plan to return in a few weeks for another Reiki session. Bless you, Melody!" — Beverly Y.

The Reiki Center:

BMW Switzerland
"On our international Management Conference in Ohio 4th of May, we hired Heidi as a guest speaker in order to give the members, on the one hand, some insights into native American roots and spirits. On the other hand, we wanted to honor our regional head for his great leadership skills. Heidi achieved to transfer her briefing into a very personal, highly professional and honoring session. She created for the ambitious audience real magic moments and made a special evening just perfect!"

— Andreas Krachenfels, BMW Switzerland

From a Chiropractor
“I would like to thank all of you for a tremendous open house last weekend. I took another Chiropractor friend of mine who was impressed with the quality of alternative work you do. I would have a hard time believing what I witnessed if it had not been with my own 2 eyes and ears. Being a chiropractor for the last 16 years and always learning new ways to help those in need, I feel fortunate to know my referrals to your center will be in good hands.”

— Francis D. W., DC

My day of pampering
"The pampering included guided meditation with Melody, sound therapy with Kelly, a Reiki session with Linda, and a massage from Debra. All the ladies are wonderful and very good at what they do. I would suggest just 2 slight changes: have the client lying down during sound therapy and in a chair for the upper body massage. The gift shop is wonderful, and the atmosphere at The Reiki Center is filled with love and compassion, a true oasis!"
— Sandy H.

Workshops and Sessions:

"I visited the Reiki Center for a reflexology appointment. During my session, the reflexologist asked if I had thyroid concerns/issues. A week or so after my appointment my primary doctor diagnosed me with a goiter. I was referred to a specialist who diagnosed me with Hashimoto Thyroiditis Follicular Blood Lymphoma. I had my goiter removed and currently receiving chemotherapy. A special "thank you" to LJ at the Reiki Center. Happy, Healthy, Holy." — T.H., Westerville, Oh

Massage therapy
"Totally the best way I have found to rid the body of aches and pains. Wish I could get one everyday but then others wouldn't be able to find out the benefits of it." — Dan L.

Reiki - 60 minute
"Wow, I feel fantastic from spirit to mind to body, it is now a weekly session for me!" — Heather E.

Melody's Divination Tools Meeting
"Last night’s class was so much fun and everything it was advertised. We did tea leaf readings, tarot, Rune readings, talked about lots of other things. Definitely eye opening and I will be coming back to learn more. Great group of people, I enjoyed everyone's insights and sharing." —Valerie C.

Amazing As Always
"Linda informed me my power animal was a unicorn made of light! I felt so much negative energy being lifted from me, I could stand up straighter than I had in a long time. :) She also told me the energy of my grandfather was with me, which made me feel safe and blessed. What an awesome experience, so glad I went in for a 'tune up'" — Gibby M.

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