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Iridology is an assessment of the body and the functioning of its systems by reading information from the iris of the eye. An Iridology session will provide you with information about the overall functioning of your body, including imbalances and toxicities that can lead to more serious dis-eases in the future. By evaluating your body as a whole, an Iridology session with Dr. Clara Bayer can help you identify problem areas that are interfering with your physical, emotional and mental health. Iridology is based in prevention, so we can identify these imbalances long before they develop into dis-ease.

Cost $150/1 hour session with Dr. Clara Boyer


Holistic Health Assessment

Do you feel like you’re chasing symptoms in your body? Do you have aches, pains, heartburn, indigestion, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel, etc. that comes and goes and you’re unsure what’s causing it? If so a holistic health assessment may be just what you’re looking for! During a 90 minute holistic health assessment, we will be looking at the health and balance of your Mind, Body and Spirit. You will begin with a detailed intake form that will review all your current health information, health history, current symptoms, daily lifestyle, daily eating, exercise, supplements, medications, etc. Next you will have an iridology reading to better understand how things internally are functioning. We will discuss things such as digestion, liver toxicity, metal toxicity, colon health, pancreas, liver, lymph system, inherited traits, body chemistry, etc. We will then assess physical things, such as fingernails, toenails, tongue, skin, hair, etc. All of these things are outward reflections of how well your inner systems are functioning. Then we will compile a list of suggestions to best help you rebalance your Body, Mind and Spirit, so that you may regain optimal health. Suggestions can include foods, supplements, stress management, exercise, establishing healthy life patterns, stretching, relaxation, energy balancing, etc. Things that are needed for YOUR PERSONAL system to regain balance and promote healing, so that you can enjoy great health of your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Cost $295/90 minute session with Dr. Clara Boyer

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